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Here is a list of sample questions we found that are designed to give a good over all read of a candidate and allow you to make a decision based on their score. These are based on us looking at data from over 45000 references and analyzing the trends that come with it. However we intended this to be a starting point for our customers to use and mold their own sets based on their requirements

  • During the interview process, I was asked questions that were relevant to the role offered.
  • During the interview, I was able to communicate information about my relevant skills, experience, and career goals.
  • The job description explained during the recruitment process was honest and accurate.
  • I received helpful organization history, product, and service information at Orientation.
  • I found the Orientation program interesting and interactive.
  • Overall, I have been given enough training to do my job well.
  • I regularly receive useful feedback from my manager about my performance and progress.
  • My immediate manager effectively communicates business unit goals and objectives to me.
  • My manager is supportive of my development and work.
  • I have been given an overview of how to manage my performance and career.
  • I understand how my work will be measured or evaluated.
  • I have the tools needed to do my job well.
  • I am able to manage my responsibilities at both work and home.
  • I am able to manage my responsibilities at both work and home.
  • I have a clear understanding of my objectives and tasks and what I am expected to accomplish.
  • I have supportive co-workers.
  • I believe my ideas are valued.
  • I feel welcome and part of the team.
  • I understand my organization’s goals.
  • I understand how my role contributes to the organization’s goals

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