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VITAY helps recruiters find better candidates faster. Rather than putting a candidate forward because their reference came back first, a recruiter has more time to select the best candidate once they get all references back in a timely manner. 

Recruiters are given more control/ownership over the process by being able to track the deliverability of the emails, detect the IP addresses, and rely on VITAY’s automated reminders that will follow up with candidates/references on your behalf.

It is much easier for references to respond to email/text than it is to take a phone call during a bust work day. People are harder to reach over the phone which could result in longer wait times to get in touch with them. 

Staff are not burdened or overwhelmed with reference checking duties, therefore have more time to devote to other important recruitment work such as sourcing and screening.

Depending on how many reference checks you currently carry out you could be saving thousands of hours a year. A simple way to do a quick calculation is to use the following equation (assuming with manual reference collection, 1 reference on average take about 1 hour to arrange, carry out the call, edit and send onto a client.)

No. of recruiters in team x No. of references they each carry out a month x 12 months = Total Hours Saved per Annum

Example – with a team of 20 recruiters carrying out 10 references a month each, hours saved would equal:

20 x 10 x 12 = 2400 hours!

How many hours is your team spending on collecting references? Could they be spending their time in a better way to generate more revenue?

It has been scientifically proven (See National Science Foundation Study here) that people are more honest & truthful in text or email responses to questions asked of them, rather than if speaking in person or on the phone.

Our application has a fraud detection algorithm that matches off IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, locations, time stamps and browsers used, to mitigate fraudulent reference collection. We are also able to track IP address locations and deliverability of system notifications. On top of this it is far less likely that a referee will lie in writing as this information can be traced back to them, a phone call does not offer the same ability to audit the source of a reference.

We have automated lead generation messages that are sent to each reference to pitch your companies services after they have completed your bespoke question sets, designed to prompt references with a call to action to be contacted. Email notifications are sent to you and these leads are all then listed in the leads page within the system for your sales team to work through and follow up with.

Absolutely not. Our platform is designed to take away the administrative time it takes to set up, complete and present the reference to your clients, to then free up your time for more sales activities.

By automating the administrative part of reference checking, you can focus your efforts and time on sales rather than manually filling out references on the phone for 30-60 minutes.

We generally encourage our clients to follow up with a reference to thank them for filling out the reference and instead of having to book 30 minutes with them to fill out the questions where you will be frantically typing down responses to then have to edit after. You can give them a quick call anytime, thank them for completing the reference, ask a quick question about one or two of their answers that you would like more clarity on, then lead directly into your usual sales pitch to win them as a client.

We have a Restful API which is designed to integrate easily with any ATS system or CRM, including if you have a bespoke in-house system that you want to add our solution into. We currently have direct integrations set up with Bullhorn, Erecruit, Salesforce and more.

No, all you need is a web browser and we provide you with login credentials and you are ready to go.

Absolutely. We work with organizations of all sizes from 1 man consulting firms to multinational organizations with offices across the globe.

We are a group of ex-recruiters and techies who understand the challenges faced in the staffing industry and are dedicated to helping recruitment professionals increase their productivity so that they can bill more. We know that speed and efficiency in the recruiting process can be the difference between making a placement or losing one and anything that can reduce the amount of day-to-day admin has a major impact.

Times are changing and automating manual repetitive tasks is now the norm in all industries, not keeping up with a changing environment could negatively impact your bottom line.

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