Save time.
Find better candidates.
Increase annual revenue.

Automate your reference checking process, so you can spend more time on value-generating tasks.
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Send a reference request to the candidate via the Vitay platform



References provide feedback via our secure, web & mobile-friendly application



Receive detailed multi-point analytics and insights about the candidate



Generate passive client & candidate leads to boost your revenue

Very pleased. We looked at 4 of the top-rated systems and hands down Vitay was the most direct, down-to-earth, and easy to partner with. Candidate and References really respond well and quickly to the requests. It has taken a lot off our to-do lists and now we can spend time on other priorities!- Joseph T. Director of Operations.
It takes a lot of time to call or email for candidates references. With Vitay in-place it takes care of that! It also has a quick reminder tab that I can use to remind clients that haven't sent in their references. It sets us apart from our competitors. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this program to anyone seeking an easier, faster way to get references!- Kay J. Owner, Express Employment Professionals.
We saw an immediate increase in overall team productivity by reducing our admin involved with reference checking. The platform is easy to use, easily managed, tracks what we need and the Vitay team are always at hand to quickly assist with any technical support we require.- Jeff L. Recruitment Manager, Titan Recruitment.
As a recruiter chasing referees and filling out reference forms manually wasn't the most effective use of my time. This software has given me back many hours in my week that I can now spend on more productive tasks. Highly recommend this to any recruiter looking to optimize their processes and reduce the amount of daily admin they have to do.- Ramanjit D. Recruiter, Grosvenor Search.
The product is always changing and improving. Some products we work with are very stagnant and their product releases are as simple as adding a new font. Vitay is not like that. Vitay is constantly releasing new features and modules that are super useful and overall great improvements to the tool. The tool is very intuitive and easy to use. When training new users on the tool, I often have to cut the meeting short and say ``That's it, it is easy to use``.- Jack S. Project Manager.
The Vitay team have been responsive and very quick to respond to our needs. They have been able to add features that have allowed us to generate opportunities for us to grow our business. We have been able to almost eliminate an administrative role within our company saving us over $35k per annum.- Bryce S. Managing Partner, Ignite Technical Resources.

The Value of Reference Checking

Find better candidates.

Satisfies compliance & client SLA's.

Reduces candidate churn.

Helps avoid bad hires.

Supplements the interviewing process.

Shows you provide a quality, not just quantity service.

Request references in 60 seconds.

Request multiple references in a fraction of the time it would take to carry out 1 reference manually. Digital reference collection allows you to source more candidate information in a much shorter timeframe and is proven to provide more accurate feedback.

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Faster Responses with text & email notifications

Provide a better candidate experience and encourage faster responses by making it easy for references to respond wherever they are and on any device.

Create Passive Leads & Boost Your Brand

Turn references into new clients or candidates with our customizable automated lead generation page that allows you to source referrals passively.

Automated follow-ups and reminders

Candidates and references are sent reminders automatically if they have not completed their requests and you are automatically notified when they are completed.

No More Phone Tag

References can be completed in the references’ own time, even outside of business hours, and in any country, with an average turnaround time of 24-36 hours.

Get more accurate insights

View detailed multi-reference analytics and data that can be exported as a PDF report with just one click which includes your company branding to then be sent directly to your client.

Create Bespoke Questions Sets

Different hiring needs may require different insights – configure & create bespoke question sets that can be tailored to specific roles.

Integrated Workflow.

Get more from your existing tech stack with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integrations
Place vetted candidates with your clients and deliver your services at speed and scale.
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Multi-Point Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection algorithm monitors and notifies you of any suspicious activity. Tracking IP addresses, devices, locations, browsers and time stamps.

Web & Mobile Platform

Vitay can be used with any device across both web and mobile platforms.

Mass Candidate Upload

Upload bulk lists of candidates into the platform to be reference checked simultaneously.

Automated Email & Text Notifications

Candidates and references recieve both text and email notifications to ensure you get a quick response.

Fully Customizable Platform

Update pages, email and text notifications with your own messaging and create any combination of question sets to match the roles you are hiring for.

Pdf & Excel Reporting

Generate detailed PDF and excel reports to review candidate insights.

Your Company Branding on Reports

Keep the look and feel of your brand on all reports generated.

Passive Client & Candidate Sourcing

Automatically build a pipeline of talent from job candidates’ references and referrals.


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