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Accounting Questions

Here is a list of sample questions we found that are designed to give a good overall read of a candidate and allow you to make a decision based on their score. These are based on us looking at data from over 45000 references and analyzing the trends that come with it. However, we intended this to be a starting point for our customers to use and mold their own sets based on their requirements.

  • What were the Candidates primary responsibilities and duties? 
  • What are the Candidates most impressive skills or qualities? 
  • What has been the Candidates most significant accomplishment at your organization?
  • What additional training would the Candidate benefit from to ensure absolute success? 
  • How did the Candidate respond to constructive criticism? 
  • Please comment on and describe the Candidates leadership skills demonstrated.
  • How satisfied were their clients? 
  • How well did they manage relationships within your organization, including communicating critical issues?
  • Did the Candidate possess the knowledge of account issues critical to your business? How did this impact the quality of the end product?
  • Did the Candidate add value, knowledge and expertise that assisted your organization to improve its operations?
  • Please rate and comment on the Candidates ability to finish tasks in a timely manner.
  • Please rate the Candidate on their Communication Skills 
  • Please rate the Candidate on their Organizational Skills. 
  • Please rate the Candidate on their Attendance and Punctuality.
  • Please rate the Candidate on their ability to handle high levels of Stress. 
  • What are the Candidates areas of development? Where do you see them in five years’ time?
  • What would you say are the Candidates most impressive personal qualities? 
  • How is the Candidate best managed to bring the best out of them? 
  • Would you rehire this Candidate?
  • What other questions have I not asked you that I should?

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