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Here is a list of sample questions we found that are designed to give a good overall read of a candidate and allow you to make a decision based on their score. These are based on us looking at data from over 45000 references and analyzing the trends that come with it. However, we intended this to be a starting point for our customers to use and mold their own sets based on their requirements

  • In what capacity did you work with the candidate?
  • What were the candidates job duties and performance objectives?
  • Does the candidate possess a competitive nature? Please explain. 
  • In your opinion, what are the top 3 things that drive the candidate to be successful?
  • How well does the candidate receive and implement feedback?
  • How does the candidate handle high-pressure, fast-paced environments? Please explain.
  • How sales oriented was the candidate? Please explain and give an example.
  • How does the candidate create and maintain relationships in the workplace? Do they get along with co-workers and clients?
  • How would you describe the candidate’s teamwork skills? Are they seen as a leader or a go-to person? How well do they take ownership of tasks, projects, and situations?
  • What type of work environment do you think the candidate would be most likely to thrive in? Why?
  • We are committed to helping the candidate succeed in their new role and grow in their career. What would you say the candidate needs most to be successful in their new position?
  • What unique skills, knowledge, competencies, and strengths did the candidate contribute to your organization?
  • What are the candidates weaknesses? Do you think they have any areas that need improvement?
  • Please rate the candidate on their communication and listening skills.
  • Please rate and comment on the candidates ability to take initiative.
  • Please rate and  comment on the candidates work ethic.
  • Please rate the candidate on their attendance and punctuality.
  • Would you rehire this candidate?
  • Do you have any additional comments?

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