Simplify your reference
checking process with
an efficient and
automated approach.

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Increase Efficiency & Cost-Effectiveness

Reference checking is often viewed as a tedious and time-consuming process and one that slows down your overall service completion time for your clients. With our solution, you can offer your clients a fully-automated approach that is cost-effective, more accurate, auditable and delivers results much faster than conventional manual checks.

Faster Turn Around time than manual checks75%
Reference Response Rate90%
Increase in verification team efficiency100%

No More Phone Tag

References can be completed in the references’ own time, even outside of business hours, and in any country, with an average turnaround time of 24-36 hours.

Web & Mobile Platform

Vitay can be used with any device across both web and mobile platforms and can be accessed from any location globally.

Increase Your Sales Activities

Built-in customizable call to action feature, prompting references with a personalized CTA and links to your services to convert them into new business opportunities.

Automated Follow-Ups

Candidates and references are sent reminders automatically if they have not completed their requests and you are automatically notified when requests are completed.

Create Bespoke Questions Sets

Different hiring needs may require different insights – configure & create bespoke question sets that can be tailored to specific clients.

Multi-language Capabilities

Allow users to switch seamlessly between multiple languages within the app. Allowing you to cover clients globally.

Multi-Point Fraud Detection

Our fraud detection algorithm monitors and notifies you of any suspicious activity. Tracking IP addresses, devices, locations, browsers and time stamps.

Mass Candidate Upload

Upload bulk lists of candidates into the platform to be reference checked simultaneously.

Custom Branding on All reports

Keep the look and feel of your brand on all reports generated.

Reference Checking. Simplified.

Vitay’s automated, cloud-based referencing platform is an easy to use solution to increase the efficiency of your reference checking processes and can also be used as an additional source of revenue by offering digital reference checking to your current client base.
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Fully Customizable Platform

Update pages, emails and text notifications with your own messaging and create any combination of question sets to fit your clients needs.

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API & Integrations

Utilize our, secure REST API with your existing systems or speak to us about a custom integration for your organization.

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